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Stressed Out Students

In 2010 surveys conducted amongst students indicated that student's perceptions of their drive to succeed and academic performance was at an all-time high.

This sounds like great news, but along with this study came a far grimmer finding: Today's students have the worst emotional health of any student group ever studied. Stress is the number one factor in academic disruption with one in five students reporting that they are too stressed out to study or spend time with friends - the very thing that may help them relax! One in five students also reports having thoughts of dropping out because they feel too overwhelmed to continue.

On QEEG analysis we are likely to see dysregulation in the frontal lobes:

Overactivation in the frontal lobes results in difficulty quietening the mind. Thoughts race, making it difficult to switch off and relax or fall asleep.

Students start to feel overwhelmed as they are not able to come out of "hyper-drive". Along with this state comes a flood of stress hormones - which are not good for the body over long periods of time.

Sleep disorders, anxiety, difficulty regulating mood, poor concentration and migraines are the result

None of which contribute to great academic performance!

Neurofeedback will help calm the frontal lobes down bringing a sense of control back. Sleep regulation, clarity of mind and reduction in the frequency and intensity of headaches will result.

Advice on dietary supplements, lifestyle changes and Heart Rate Variability Training is also offered.

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