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Sleep Hygiene

There have been many reports of people experiencing a change in their sleep since living under lock-down conditions.

Some are experiencing more frequent and vivid dreams while others have developed insomnia.

Sleep is closely tied to our mental state and while those who are sleeping more many experience more REM cycles, thereby dreaming more frequently, those who are anxious and stressed may have difficulty falling and remaining asleep.

Sleep Hygiene practices can help to restore the bodies sleep rhythms so take care to practice these skills and note the impact they may have on your sleep.

It may take some time for your body to self-regulate so keep track of your sleep for at least a week.

Supplements such as Magnesium, Ashwaghanda and Stress Relax Powder could also be useful if the habits described above are not sufficient.

Speak to me about IDEXIS supplement products that can help you.

Should sleep continue to be an area of difficulty for you or your child please mention this to me as Neurofeedback can be adapted accordingly as well.

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